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Frequently Asked Questions;

Do I need to be a member?

All riders must be either a financial member of the AQHA or the NEQHA.  Click HERE for NEQHA membership 

Does my horse need to be a quarter horse?

No, you can enter any handed & beginner classes with any breed of horse. Your horse is not required to be registered for these classes only. 

What are the requirements for any handed & beginner classes?

To be eligible to ride in beginner classes, as a rider, you have not won the equivalent OPEN class (junior horse, senior horse, Amateur, Select Amateur or All Age/Open) Equivalent, eg; Western Pleasure, Ranch Riding or Versatility Ranch Reining, at a sanctioned (point scoring) AQHA show. Riders must wear a long sleeve shirt, jeans or jodhpurs, western hat or helmet and boots

Do I need a western saddle & shank bit?

In the any handed & beginner classes, you may compete in any safe Saddle including western, stock, fender or English and use any legal snaffle bit, bosal/ hackamore, or Bridle/shank bit (See AQHA rule book for legal bits) If you ride in a bridle (shank bit with split reins), horses can be ridden 1 or 2 handed but must not change from one back to two hands after entering the show arena. For all other horses, see 'OPEN CLASSES'

What are the requirements for open classes? (Junior Horse, Senior Horse, Amateur, Select Amateur & All Age/Open)

To be eligible to ride in any open classes your horse must be registered with a breed society and you must ride in gear & attire according to the the AQHA performance rules.  Reference the AQHA rule book (click to view)

Section 5;  Classes, Equipment and Attire, for Junior & Senior Horse requirements, See Rule 81d 

English see: Rule 82 and Western see Rule 83  

For Amateur & Select Amateur, refer Section 3:  “Show & Performance” Rule 62 and Rule 63 for “Youth” competitors.  Rules for all open classes:  

Amateur/Select Amateur riders MUST hold an amateur permit with their breed society. And MUST provide a copy to the Secretary. For Eligibility of amateurs, please click HERE

Do I get points with my breed society if I enter an open class with a registered horse?

To receive points with your breed society, you must provide us a copy of your horses registration and your breed society membership, eg AQHA, PHAA, AAA, prior to competing.  These are to be emailed to

Can I enter led & halter classes with an unregistered horse?

The first class on the halter program is “Any Other Breed Halter” This class is for breeds that cannot be registered with AQHA, PHAA or AAA

All other classes; Halter Horses - must be registered with their breed association AQHA, PHAA and AAA.  In Led Performance – lunge line, hunter in hand and led trail horses must also be registered with their breed association, society or studbook

When & how do we get the patterns for the show?

We are not obliged to provide patterns until 1 hour prior to the show, however, we do ask for them earlier. Once the judge has provided us the patterns, they will be posted on our web page, along with the entries, stables & camping booking links.

Can I see my score sheet after the show?

Score sheets are available at the office for ½ hour at the completion of the show both days.  Please don't ask our volunteers or stewards for a copy of your scores during the show, they are already plenty busy, score sheets will NOT be provided after the weekend.  Come to the office at the end of the show and you can take photo's of your score sheets on your phone.

Am I able to scratch/cancel my entries after entries close?

Entries can be scratched without penalty anytime prior to entries closing. After such time, refunds will only be paid out if a Veterinary or Doctors certificate is submitted to the secretary via email no later than 2 days after the event. 

Can my partner or friends come and see me in the marshalling & warm up area?

Spectators are discouraged from the marshalling area. For any persons entering the marshalling area, whilst show is in progress, dress code is a minimum of cap/hat, long western style pants/jodhpurs, safe enclosed footwear and a shirt with sleeves.  For any person who has cause to enter the show arena to help set up trails etc. is a minimum of cap/hat, long western style pants/jodhpurs, safe enclosed footwear and a shirt with sleeves.

For any person using the arena or marshalling area when the show is not in progress, but the show has not finished, is a minimum of long western style pants/jodhpurs, safe enclosed footwear, and a shirt with sleeves.

Can I ask the judge a question on the day?

We encourage you to put any questions to the secretary via email prior to the show.  If you have a question for the judge, you must approach the steward, preferably prior to the show commencing.

Still unsure?  Email us;

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